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We offer our users the opportunity to win several prizes such as pen drives, gift certificates and the iPhone 5S, 5C or 4S, the iPad and other awesome items free of charge! Complete free surveys and invite your friends to do the same to win points and trade them for prizes!

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Q: Is the offer available worldwide? A: Yes, we will ship your Prizes to any country in the world!
Q: How does FreeWeGo work? A: It's very simple, just register, earn points and trade points for Prizes.
Q: How do I earn points? A: You can earn points by inviting friends and completing free surveys.
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About FreeWeGo

We have partnered with some of the top advertising companies in the world to bring you amazing prizes.

These companies are willing to give you prizes in order to hear your opinion on their products and services.

At FreeWeGo we are offering amazing prizes with everything included, shipped directly to your door, no matter where in the world you are located!